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Narrow undercoat rake with 8 coarse blades

Narrow undercoat rake with 8 coarse blades
product name: Narrow undercoat rake with 8 coarse blades
stockcode: SP1002

Elevate Your Grooming Game with Shear Magic Professional Tools

Introducing the Shear Magic Professional Range of Tools—a meticulously crafted collection tailored to meet the exacting standards of Professional Groomers. When it's Shear Magic, you can trust in premium quality without the premium price tag. We've raised the bar to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Shear Magic Undercoat Rakes: Your Essential Grooming Companion

Our Shear Magic Professional Undercoat Rakes are designed to simplify and enhance your grooming process. These precision tools excel at stripping, dematting, and detangling coats with remarkable efficiency. Ideal for the removal of loose, dead hair, they leave the coat looking impeccably healthy. Crafted with your comfort in mind, these rakes feature ergonomic handles for fatigue-free grooming. The curved stainless steel blades offer both durability and precision.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Coat Care: Strips, demats, and detangles coats quickly and effortlessly.
  • Healthy Coats: Effectively removes loose dead hair, leaving the coat in a state of radiant health.
  • Comfortable Handling: Designed with a comfortable handle for extended grooming sessions.
  • Durable Blades: Crafted with stainless steel blades that stand the test of time.

Narrow Undercoat Rake—Tailored for Long and Thick-Haired Breeds

Our Narrow Undercoat Rake boasts eight coarse blades, making it the ideal choice for breeds with long and thick hair. Whether you're working with majestic, furry companions or those known for their voluminous locks, this specialized tool will simplify your grooming routine.

Elevate your grooming experience with the Shear Magic Professional Range of Tools—crafted to perfection, designed for your success. Join the ranks of professional groomers

These tools have been made to the highest standards to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


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