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Oster Bath Pro 5.1

Oster Bath Pro 5.1
product name: Oster Bath Pro 5.1
stockcode: HYDRO



The Oster Professional Bathing System 5.1 is a non-electrical system which fuses shampoo, water and air to penetrate an animal's coat for a thorough cleansing down to the skin.  It eliminates the need for hand scrubbing, instead using a combing action spray which penetrates the animal's coat.  This system is not just a shampoo application system, its innovative technology thoroughly penetrates the coat and brings oxygen to the skin, leaving the animal cleaner and healther than ever.

Oster Professional Bathing system only works well wtih the Oster Professional shampoo.  This will ensure years of trouble free performance.

Benefits for the groomer

  • Save up to 70% on grooming time and labour
  • Groomer's shampoo consumption reduced by up to 50% per month
  • Hands-free bathing, reducing groomer strain, fatigue and skin irritation
  • Exclusive technology brings oxygen down to the skin for deeper cleaning
  • Invigorating spray creates massaging action that animals love
  • Switching shampoos is easier with less contamination and clogging.

The best way to make bath time quick and easy

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