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Shear Magic Size 45

Shear Magic Size 45
product name: Shear Magic Size 45
stockcode: S45
Discover Precision and Excellence with Shear Magic® Size #45 Surgical-Grade Clipper Blade (0.05 mm)
Experience the pinnacle of grooming precision with Shear Magic® Size #45 Surgical-Grade Clipper Blade, boasting an ultra-fine 0.05mm blade cut. This blade is designed for exceptionally close and surgical-grade clipping, delivering outstanding results for even the most demanding grooming tasks.
  • Size: #45
  • Length: 0.05 mm
  • Ideal for Veterinary Use
  • Perfect for Show Grooming: Suitable for precision work on feet, face, ears, muzzles, and the base of tails.
  • Efficiently Clip Pads: Achieve precision when clipping pads.
  • Micro-Surgical Cut: For tasks requiring the utmost precision.
  • Best for Extremely Close Work: Ideal for grooming situations where precision is paramount.
  • Veterinary Surgical Prep Blade: Trusted for surgical preparation.
  • Compatible with Shear Magic Universal Comb Attachments: Versatile for a wide range of grooming needs.
  • Universal Fit: Compatible with all A5 style detachable clippers.
Experience Shear Magic Quality
Our Shear Magic blades are held to the same high standards as industry giants like Oster and other major brands. With over two decades of excellence in serving the Professional Dog Groomer market, Shear Magic has consistently delivered outstanding results and received glowing feedback from professionals.
Uncompromised Quality and Value
Shear Magic® Size #45 Surgical-Grade Clipper Blades offer unbeatable value without compromising on quality. Crafted from high carbon steel with a Rockwell hardness rating of 62, they maintain sharpness for extended periods. Every Shear Magic blade is meticulously hand-finished to ensure a seamless and effortless clipping experience. It's the best value professional blade on the market, rivaling the quality of top industry brands.
Rigorously Tested for Your Confidence
Rest assured that the Shear Magic Product range undergoes rigorous testing by professional groomers to ensure they meet the need for reliable quality and performance. In our testing, we achieved 100% product satisfaction and received outstanding feedback from the grooming community.
Experience the precision and excellence of Shear Magic® Size #45 Surgical-Grade Clipper Blade. Join the community of professional groomers who trust Shear Magic for exceptional quality, efficiency, and results. Elevate your grooming standards with Shear Magic today!

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