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Shear Magic Size 15 Ceramic

Shear Magic  Size 15 Ceramic
product name: Shear Magic Size 15 Ceramic
stockcode: SMB15

Shear Magic® Ceramic Detachable Blade Set Size 15

Leaves 1mm

Compatible with all major brands of professional clipper including Oster A5 Clippers.

The groomers choice for a cooler and longer lasting blade. The cutting blade (top cutter) is made entirely from ceramic with a metal bottom blade. Ceramic does not conduct heat, so they will run cooler than steel cutters on steel blades. Ceramic lasts much longer between sharpening.


Why use Shear Magic Ceramic Blades?
Efficient - Shear Magic? blades sustain optimal cutting performance over longer periods of time.
User Friendly - Shear Magic? blades remain cool to the touch even with prolonged use.
Economical - Shear Magic? blades require less sharpening - saving both time and money.
Hardy - Shear Magic? ceramic cutters are resistant to rust - minimising blade corrosion.
Versatile - Shear Magic? blades are available in a range of different sizes to suit all needs.
Universal - Shear Magic? blades fit all professional Oster? and compatable electric clippers.

You can also update you existing metal blades by putting a ceramic top blade on your existing bottom blade. Just replace the steel cutter with a ceramic cutter and there you go - a ceramic blade set!!
***Note*** Ceramic blades need to be resharpened in a different manner to normal blades. See pack for details of qualified service agents.


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