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Sham Woof Moisture Magnet Towel

Sham Woof Moisture Magnet Towel
product name: Sham Woof Moisture Magnet Towel
stockcode: TOWEL


Discover the Ultimate Drying Solution: Sham Woof Moisture Magnet Towel

Sham Woof, we believe that grooming should be a breeze, and that's why we have the Moisture Magnet Towel—an innovation trusted by professional groomers and animal lovers alike. Say goodbye to lengthy drying times and hello to a quicker, more efficient grooming routine.

Key Features:

Super Absorbent Technology:

  • Our Moisture Magnet Towels are designed with specially engineered synthetic chamois that boasts unparalleled absorbency. In fact, it can absorb an impressive 10 times its weight in water. Experience the difference as it effortlessly pulls moisture from animal coats.

Multi-Use Versatility:

  • This isn't just a grooming tool; it's your go-to solution for various applications. Whether you're in a grooming shop, veterinary practice, kennel, hospital, aquarium, or caring for horses, our Moisture Magnet Towel is a must-have. It's also perfect for home and general-purpose cleaning tasks.

Quick and Easy to Use:

  • Using the Moisture Magnet Towel is as simple as can be. Just blot water with the towel until it's saturated, then wring it out, and it's ready to use again. No more wasting time waiting for traditional towels to dry.

Pet-Friendly and Efficient:

  • It acts like a sponge, effortlessly extracting water and moisture from animal coats. With the Moisture Magnet, you'll spend less time and effort on drying and more time enjoying quality moments with your pets.

Reusable and Machine Washable:

  • Our towels are not only environmentally friendly but also wallet-friendly. They are machine washable, so you can use them repeatedly, making them a sustainable choice for all your drying and cleaning needs.

Generous Size and Dependable Quality:

  • Each Moisture Magnet Towel measures a spacious 50cm by 71cm, providing ample coverage for your drying tasks. Quality is our priority, ensuring these towels are dependable and built to last.

Color Variety:

  • The Moisture Magnet Towels come in vibrant orange or calming blue, depending on the shipment received. Whichever color you receive, you can expect the same exceptional performance.

Applications Beyond Grooming:

  • Beyond grooming, our Moisture Magnet Towel proves its worth in countless scenarios. Use it for cleaning up spills and pet puddles from carpets and upholstery, or for washing and drying dishes, windows, cars, and more.

Experience the Sham Woof Difference:

Elevate your grooming and cleaning experience with the Sham Woof Moisture Magnet Towel. Discover why professionals and pet owners trust our innovative drying so


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