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Blade Caddie

Blade Caddie
product name: Blade Caddie
stockcode: CADDIE

Shear Magic Blade Caddie: Your Clipper Blade Companion
At Shear Magic, we understand the importance of quality and care when it comes to your clipper blades. Shear Magic Blade Caddie, the perfect solution for storing, protecting, and maintaining your clipper blades with ease and precision.

Key Features:

Storage and Protection Redefined:

  • The Shear Magic Blade Caddie is your go-to choice for organising your valuable clipper blades. Designed with precision and attention to detail, it ensures your blades remain in top-notch condition.
Blade Maintenance Made Simple:
  • Our Blade Caddie isn't just for storage; it's your partner in blade maintenance. With its unique design, it simplifies the tasks of washing, cleaning, sterilizing, and organizing your blades.
Portability at Its Best:
  • Designed for convenience, our Blade Caddie is completely portable. Whether you're a professional groomer on the go or a pet owner looking to streamline your grooming routine, the Shear Magic Blade Caddie goes wherever you need it.
Removable Grill and Locking Lid:
  • This caddie stands out with its removable grill and locking lid. It allows for easy access to your blades while keeping them securely in place, protecting them from damage.
Built to Last:
  • We understand the demands of the grooming world. That's why our Blade Caddie is impact-resistant and stackable, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use.
Elegant Black Design:
  • The Shear Magic Blade Caddie boasts a sleek black design that not only looks professional but also complements your grooming setup.
Using Blade Wash with Ease:
  • Enhance your blade care routine by adding Shear Magic Blade Wash to the caddie. Simply cover the tips of your blades with Blade Wash, gently shake to clean, and then ensure the blades air dry to prevent rust.
  • Capacity: Holds up to 10 blades
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Impact-resistant and durable
Elevate Your Blade Care:
  • Elevate your grooming experience and extend the lifespan of your clipper blades with the Shear Magic Blade Caddie. It's more than storage; it's your trusted companion in blade care.




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