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 Changing Blades, Blade Cleaning, Blade Oiling 

 Oster Large Animal & Shearing Handpiece 

 Oster A5 Clipper

  Shear Magic Colt 120 formerly Shear Magic Large Animal Clipper

 Shear Magic Gun 300 formerly Shear Magic Electric Shearing Handpiece 

 ShearMagic Stallion 300

   Shear Magic Tuffy 3000 Professional Clipper

  Shear Magic Tuffy 1800 formerly known as Pet Clipper, Pro Clip 30 

  Shear Magic Tuffy 2000 Cordless Clipper formerly known as SM05 Clipper

 Shear Magic Nifty 1800 Cordless Clipper formerly known as SM103 Clipper 

 Shear Magic Nifty 2000 Clipper formerly known as Nifty 2000 Clipper

 Shear Magic Rocket 4500 Battery Trimmer formely known as Battery Trimmer

     Oster Rapid Bath installation guide



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