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Shear Magic Eye Wash 125ml

Shear Magic Eye Wash 125ml
product name: Shear Magic Eye Wash 125ml
stockcode: SP125

Shear Magic Eye Wash


  • Sterile eye wash solution for dogs and cats
  • For use after grooming or clipping for removal of hair or loose foreign matter from the eyes
  • Helps relieve irritation, stinging or itching
  • Washes away dried mucous secretions and discharges. Non antibiotic, non-irritant formulation

How to use:

Carefully wipe away excess matter that may have collected in the corner of the eye. Flush the eye gently with a fine stream of Eye wash, controlling the rate of flow of the solution by pressure on the bottle. Repeat as necessary.

Key Ingredients:

Contains an antibacterial agent.
It is formulated and tested without cruelty to animals.

Made In Australia


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