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Shear Magic Detangling Shampoo 500ml

Shear Magic Detangling Shampoo 500ml
product name: Shear Magic Detangling Shampoo 500ml
stockcode: SP090

Shear Magic De-Tangling Shampoo


Quickly penetrates even the most stubborn matts, knots and tangles for easier comb outs. Contains lubricating oils to leave your dog feeling soft, fresh and clean.
Suitable for use with all long term flea treatments.

How to use:

Carefully brush out any knots before shampooing. Apply to wet coat in several places, massage into a lather than rinse coat thoroughly. After shampooing, follow with Shear magic Detangling Conditioner.

Key Ingredients:

Lanolin, Coconut oil (foaming agent), Polyquaternium (Conditioning agent).
Does not contain Palm oil
100% Soap Free
SLS Free
It is formulated and tested without cruelty to animals.

What dogs it works for:

Suitable for all breeds and dog coat types


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