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Shear Magic Everyday Shampoo Vanilla 5Lt

Shear Magic Everyday Shampoo Vanilla 5Lt
product name: Shear Magic Everyday Shampoo Vanilla 5Lt
stockcode: SP031
Shear Magic Professional Everyday shampoo – 5 Litre
Everyday shampoo is specially formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to gently cleanse and care for your dog’s skin and coat. pH balanced for dogs coats to clean and deodorise leaving them smelling fresh & clean.  Suitable for use with all long term flea treatments.

How to use:
Apply to wet coat in several places, massage into a lather, avoiding eyes. Rinse coat thoroughly. After shampooing, follow with Shear Magic Conditioner. Dry and brush the coat as usual.

Key Ingredients:
Ingredients used in this product are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
This shampoo is made from two extracts of natural oils extracted from coconuts, in a mild surfactant (susdsing) base, Aloe Vera Extract, coloured with FDA approved food colouring, pH adjusted by addition of citric acid, BP Grade.
100% Soap free & SLS Free
Does not contain Palm oil
Does not contain parabens, silicones, or propylene glycol
It is formulated and tested without cruelty to animals

What dogs it works for
Suitable for all breeds and dog coat types
Made In Australia

Sharon Hall - Snuggle Pup & Pooch.
I have been using Shear Magic Professional Everyday Shampoo for over 12 months and have found this shampoo to be extremely good.
The shampoo effectively removes all dust, soil, fatty substance and loose materials from the dog’s hair. It produces a good amount of foam to satisfy the psychological requirement of the user which I like. I also find this shampoo is easily removed on rinsing with water saving on water and time. After drying the dog’s hair it is soft, clean and easy to style. Being a soap free product it is also safe to use with flea spot on applications. It also imparts a pleasant vanilla fragrance which leaves the dog smelling divine and lasts for up to a week. I have not had any side effects with this shampoo like irritation to the skin or eyes with any dogs I have used the Shear Magic range on and have found the dogs coats have been in better condition with lots of shine. Another great plus is that it doesn’t make my hands rough and chapped when I use this product.

Vanessa Parsons – Country Canines Grooming & Clipping Salon
Shear Magic Everyday shampoo is a great affordable all round shampoo that cleanses and smells fantastic with a refreshing vanilla scent.  It is ideal for salons and mobile groomers, with its ease of lathering it spreads well over the coat, the coat is cleansed  thoroughly . It rinses out with ease and leaves no residue.  Shear Magic Everyday Shampoo is cost effective and fantastic value for money.

Tricia Cutler – Petcetera Etc
I just wanted to write to give you some feedback on one of your products we are currently using. I have owned and operated my own salon for more than 10 years.  I have, for many years, used the same shampoo however one of my staff came in last year with some samples of a new shampoo.  It was your Shear Magic Everyday Shampoo.  We tried this shampoo and I must say that the results far exceeded my expectations.  This shampoo has a very nice vanilla fragrance that seems to last on the dogs.  I also noticed that when we shampooed the many white maltese X breeds that they were far whiter than with our previous shampoos.  My staff are very happy using this shampoo and none of them are finding any adverse reactions on their hands or the dogs.

Helen Forester - K9 Style Dog Grooming & Groomer Training
Really enjoy using the wide range of Shampoos and with a  beautiful conditioner to compliment.  I trust all these shampoos to give me the results I want and need.  
My clients always compliment there dogs grooms and enjoy the lasting results and scent which has them purchasing there own home care Shear Magic products. 
The Shear Magic range of shampoos have no side affects on my hands which is a must for me.  Yet more great products from the Shear Magic line. 
Trusted quality products are a must for my Salon.  



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