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8” Convex2 - 26 Tooth Blender

8” Convex2 - 26 Tooth Blender
product name: 8” Convex2 - 26 Tooth Blender
stockcode: 799-16
Technical Information
Usage Information
26 Tooth Blender
"Medium to light weight blending shear
"Offset, ergonomic, short-shank handles
"Adjustable tension
"Removable finger rest
"Professional grade hardware
"Cryogenically Tempered steel
"Forged from high quality 440C stainless steels (Rockwell Hardness 58-60)
"Premium quality convex edge blades
"Lifetime warranty against defects
"The best of convex blades for precise cutting on every stroke
"Smoothness, performance, and quiet sound of high-end convex shear
"This 26 tooth blender cuts like a shear on the last ¼ inch of coat without leaving shear lines. This is a hybrid shear that takes out ~80% of the coat.
"It can be used to remove shear and clipper marks.
"This blender produces a softer and smoother finish to the coat. Used when ever a natural look is desired.
" We do not recommend bulk blending with this blending shear. 
"Example:Softer coated breeds such as Maltese, Bichon puppies, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

"The new Oster scissors are magic! They cut without any folding and somehow grip the hair preventing slippage and uneven marks through the coat.  Even the most skittish toy poodle will sit for me to get his legs straight with the titanium shears. The curved pair are a dream - I could do poodle heads all day without my wrist giving a twinge. The fact that there is minimal 'snip' as the blades close is a god-send; dogs and cats hate that noise! Thanks for giving us professional tools at a reasonable price."  Ruth Miller, Pawfection Pet Grooming, Sydney


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