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Oster Groomers Kit

Oster Groomers Kit
product name: Oster Groomers Kit
stockcode: 3000IG
We have bundled up 3 items and now offer this as a kit .   The kit includes Oster Pro3000i Clipper, Shear Magic Size 30 blade and Oster Stainless Steel Comb Set.

The Pro3000i a powerful rechargeable cordless clipper designed for all day, heavy-duty continuous use.  The clipper features a high-speed quiet rotary motor.  Lightweight with an ergonomic design and features a lithium-ion battery, which provides two hours clipping time from a single charge.

The Pro 3000i clipper has a high performance quiet running motor which generates 3,000 strokes per minute.   It has the power and balance yet only a low weight ergonomic design. The Pro3000i is ideal for full and detailed clipping, and is compatible with all A5 detachable blades

Oster Stainless Steel 10 Pack Comb Attachment Kit
Specifically designed to fit A5 style blades, this collection of 10 combs includes 2 larger sizes to answer the most common grooming needs
  • 10 different cutting lengths 1.6mm, 9.5mm, 13mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm and 50mm.
  • Combs fit A5 detachable blades (Sizes 10,15, and 30)
  • Can be used on dogs and cats with or against hair grain
Combs are coloured for easy identification of the sizes comb

Shear Magic Size 30 blade included
The Shear Magic blades are excellent value without compromising on quality. Made from high carbon steel with Rockwell hardness rating of 62 to stay sharp longer. Hand finished to ensure smooth and effortless clipping. The best value professional blade on the market

Some Testimonials from Professional Groomers
“As a groomer of over 2 decades, I’ve certainly used various corded and cordless clippers over the years. I like the freedom of cordless clippers, but need to have the same power that the corded clippers produce. I have found in the past other brands of cordless clippers have lacked the stamina. I am so impressed with the power of the Oster Pro3000i that I have now put away my corded clippers as I find the motor in these great cordless clippers is now all I need. The clipper itself is very easy to handle and the performance speaks for itself. The clipper feels very comfortable in the hand, and what really impresses me is the run time. The fact that the clipper does not lose power when the battery is low, rather it simply shuts itself off is a plus also. Quick enough to charge, and easy to handle. The Oster Pro3000i are the perfect piece of equipment for every groomer’s toolbox. Love my Oster Pro3000i they are my “Go to” clippers.” Vanessa Parsons - Country Canines Grooming & Clipping Salon, QLD
For performance and reliability in my profession I need tools I can trust with confidence to deliver. The Oster 3000i ticks all my needs. It’s weight to sit lightly in my hand, it’s battery life for time saving, it’s durability for reassurance of job completion are a couple of advantages of this great Clipper.   Helen Forester,  K9 STYLE Dog Grooming & Groomer Training, W.A
Very excited to be able to add another Oster 3000i cordless clipper to our team of wonderful groomers in my salon. When my salon changed from corded clippers to cordless i was excited to offer my staff the opportunity to make work enjoyable and not having to worry about the dangers of leads around the table, dogs and other tools. The 3000i was my choice of clipper after trailing a few different cordless as we found they were super fast, more Comfortable in our hands had faster recharge time and longer lasting running time. I have been using this work horse for over 3 years in my salon and proud to say we still love them as much as the first day they arrived.  Sharon Hall, Snuggle Pup & Pooch, NSW
I love the Oster pro 3000i it's powerful yet light weight, the battery lasts me a full day and the ergonomic design relieves my wrist pain. it's the clipper I recommend to all my students.  Naomi Conroy - Puppoose Pet Boutique, NSW
Oster 3000i cordless clipper they are the only cordless clipper I feel comfortable using, the quality and power can not be surpassed.  Monique Finch, Monique Stylist to the dogs,  Qld
"I love the fast speed and power of the Oster 3000i cordless clipper and the well balance hand piece. I highly recommend.” Melanie Newman, from Melanie Newman Salon Essentials VIC
 The power behind the Oster 3000i makes clipping all day long a breeze! The elegant, sleek look of a trimmer, but behind that pretty face is a workhorse ready to make every clip easier through maneuverability and speed. After using the highest achieving competitors, the 3000i was the only one to match power with long battery life, all in a light package too. I'm especially happy with the small charging cradle, which takes up very little room in my station. Oster delivers once again, matching my needs with the best equipment available. Bethany Aberdour, Touch of Pawfection, QLD




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