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  • Make sure your clipper is running before snapping the blade on.
  • Always oil blades; before, during and after use. Blades sets may be oiled while the clipper is running. Do not over oil.
  • How fast a blade moves is dictated by the quality strength of the motor in the clipper; as well as how well you lubricate the blade while you clip. Kool Lube lubricates your blade as you clip to keep its movement free.
  • When the blade is moving, friction creates heat, which makes the blade get hot. Kool Lube keeps your blade cool.
  • Store your blade clean, coated in Kool Lube, wrapped in a paper towel and enclosed in a plastic, air-tight bag to prevent corrosion from the humidity an the cutting surfaces
  • Skip tooth blades cut faster through dense, matted hair but their clip is rough and not attractive. Use a skip tooth blade for the first pass "rough in" and then smooth your groomiing with a full tooth blade.
  • Smooth faces, the pads of the dog feet, groin and tummy areas can usually be clipped very close with a #10 or #15 blade or lightly with a #30 or #40 blade to clean off the hair.
  • Always clip a clean dog. Dirt and products such as flea powders in a dog's coat can destroy the cutting surface of your blades.
  • Never clip a wet dog. It's too hard to get through he coat.
  • Clippers/Blades/Snap On Combs: Clippers are electric shears and are required to groom many different breeds. Blades come in a variety of sizes from the finest #40 to the coarsest #3. They also come in different widths.
  • There are also snap-on combs available that reduce the clipping and scissoring time. For instance, the #1 comb used with a #10 blade leaves 1" coat length. In contrast, the #4 blade used alone leaves a coat length of 3/8".
  • Finishing (F) & Skiptooth blades can be used interchangeably.
  • Skiptooth blades are best for clipping very heavily coated or matted dogs.
  • Proper coat preparation will provide the best & longest-lasting clipped finish.
  • Clip any hair from the dog's body it won't need for the completed style. Then with the correct tools, brush thoroughly & test with a comb, removing all tangles or mats. Bathe & condition with the appropriate product formulas. Dry the dog thoroughly using the appropriate dryer & correct technique. Brush up the coat & clip again. Use scissors to even up any stray hairs, shape the feet, face, tail, ears etc.

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