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Click on this link for a detailed FAQ's Clipper and Blade Maintenance

F.A.Q  - Oster A6 Clipper

All Clippers

The way to check and see if it is a blade or clipper problem is to take the blade set of the clipper.  If the clipper runs fine then it is a blade problem.  If the clipper runs sluggish then it is a clipper problem.  If a clipper problem it needs to be sent away for a service.  If a blade problem try placing a few drops of oil, as the blade could be ceased.  Try and run blade again, if still a problem then blade needs to be sent away for sharpening.
Shear Magic Battery Trimmer
Make sure all blades are oiled once storing blades away.  If not oiled this causes blades to cease
Also with the Shear Magic battery trimmer, we recommended high quality batteries to be used – such as Duracel, Energiser, lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries
The SM103 – Cordless Pet Clipper has 3 areas that should be checked when a problem occurs. 
1.       Adaptor – make sure plugged in a connected to the clipper, red light should appear.  If it does then its ok. 
2.       Turn machine on, if blade does not work remove blade – if motor runs fine, then blade problem
3.       If all runs ok plugged in, and problem occurs while using as cordless, this means that problem with internal battery, which needs to be sent away to a authorized service agent.



Recommended for


Which blade suitable for this clipper

Oster® Clipmaster
(Large Animal Clipper)

Full body clip of:
Horses, cattle, ostrich, emu, large dogs and carpet



61511-12 this is the standard blade that comes on the clipper.

If they want to leave a longer cut then 61511-04 thick grooming blade (bottom only) is recommended

If they want to leave a very close surgical cut then they will use a 61511-03 surgical bottom blade only.

They use their existing top blade for thick and surgical blades

Horses –combo blade set

Ostrich and Emu – thick grooming blade



Large Dog – Combo blade set

Carpet – Surgical blade set

Oster® Electric Shearing Handpiece

Full body clip of:
Sheep, goat, alpaca, Lhama
Tennis courts (artificial grass)


For standard sheep they would use 61554-01 Arizona comb

For a goat and alpaca/Lhama they would use the 61554-05 Mohair comb

For very close, smooth shearing and show trimming they would use 61554-22 show groomer and vet blade

If a person that own a Oster Shearing Handpiece would like to clip horses all they need to do is purchase a 61554-22 comb and they are ready to clip!

For tennis court – Goat comb.

Shear Magic® Large Animal Clipper

Full body clip of:
Horses, cattle, ostrich, emu, large dogs and carpet


Same info as Oster Clipmaster

Thrive® Super50

Full body clip of:
Dogs (professional use - groomers and vets) cats, ponies

Trimming of horses



This clipper takes Oster A5 blades, it also takes the Shear Magic Ceramic Blade Sets.  It also takes competitor blades such as Wahl and Andis

Which blade to use? See the 160 dog breed book or visit our website for some dogs listed www.botanybayimports.com.au select which blade?

Oster® A5 Single or Two Speed Clipper

Full body clip of:
Dogs (professional use – groomers, vets)

Trimming of:



Same information as Super 50 description

Shear Magic® SM05

Full body clip of dogs.

Trimming jobs on horses.
Freeze Branding


A range of blades available see
Shear Magic Cordless 05 blades

Shear Magic® Pet Clipper

(900 type)

Full body clip of:
Dogs (domestic use)

Trimming of horses


Same information as super 50 description

Thrive® 301

Full body clip of:
Dogs  (domestic use)

Trimming jobs on horses


2 blade sizes available:

Slide blade – 4 position setting from 0.5mm to 2mm

Shear Magic®

Ideal for trimming of horses, dogs, cats.


Same blades as SM05 cordless

Shear Magic® Mini

Trimming around ears, face and feet of all animal and humans







 Finishing Blades  "F"

 Finishing blades are ideal for blending areas of longer and shorter hair


Skip Tooth Blades Skip tooth blades feed more hair into the cutting blade which makes them ideal for pre-bathing grooming, especially for removing matted haircoats.





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